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ProLine is a Russian logistics service provider in the global freight transportation market. For more than 10 years we have been providing consumers with high-quality forwarding services.

The main specialization is the professional transportation of goods from Turkey to Russia, as well as transportation from Moscow to Turkey. We provide support for goods for companies engaged in foreign economic activity...

Due to well-established, time-tested relationships with domestic and foreign partners, we serve groupage cargo from Turkey, we transport oversized goods, oversized cargo of various carrying capacities. We work with Turkish, Chinese, European customers, we accept applications from Asian, Russian enterprises.

The range of services includes transportation from Turkey, other countries:

  • aerial
  • automobile
  • Marine
  • railroad

We help clients with certification, insurance, protection of products intended for transportation from Turkey to Russia. We undertake obligations to obtain permits for imported goods, for customs clearance of goods. Our competence includes the provision of agency, representative services, legal support for international transactions.

A staff of experienced, skilled workers finds the best, cost-effective solutions for each task assigned to them.

Turkish products on the Russian market

Import of goods from Turkey is gaining popularity, increasing trade between the countries. Turkish products have established themselves in the Russian market due to their quality and affordable prices. Consumers prefer to buy inexpensive, but high-quality goods that are not inferior in terms of characteristics to analogues of European production. We help distributors and dealers to organize imports from Turkey.

Entrepreneurs who purchase demanded Turkish products are required to have quality certificates that allow them to trade in Russia. PROLINE offers cargo transportation from Turkey to Russia with the preparation and execution of the necessary permits. Our specialists competently carry out cargo handling, ensure the safety of products in Turkey. They advise on the specifics of customs legislation, the practice of its implementation.

International transportation Turkey

Sufficiently friendly Russian-Turkish relations contribute to the cooperation of countries, the conduct of trade, and an increase in the growth of trade. However, it is worth remembering that freight transportation in Turkey is a complex activity due to a number of reasons:

  1. the occurrence of difficulties in the selection of transport;
  2. difficulties in shipping LCLs;
  3. problems in calculating fees and charges;
  4. imperfection of customs legislation.

Unhindered cargo transportation in Turkey under the current conditions requires the implementation of a certain algorithm of actions.

  1. Before the declaration is submitted, each product must be unloaded by article number and submitted for mandatory inspection. The verification period varies from a day to a month, depending on the category of imported items.
  2. After the customs declaration is submitted, the samples are taken for examination. To save time, it is necessary to stack and pack the individual article in an orderly manner.
  3. After inspection of the products at the customs office, the goods are allowed into free circulation.

Delivery to Turkey is an easy process if you use the help of professional logisticians. We provide a full range of related services in the field of import of Turkish goods. We help in the preparation, registration, transportation of goods across the border. We guarantee assistance in obtaining permits quickly, passing cargo through customs, observing the order.

Methods of receiving goods from Turkey

Transportation of goods from Turkey to Russia is carried out by all available modes of transportation.

  1. Aviation. Delivery from Turkey to Moscow is carried out as quickly as possible due to urgent air transport. Such transportation of goods in Turkey is recommended for ordering if urgent receipt is important. The most expensive way.
  2. Marine. The low cost of delivery from Turkey to Russia popularizes sea freight from Turkey. Goods are shipped first by water, then by rail, or by road transport from Turkey, the price is taken into account until receipt at the final destination.
  3. Trucking. The delivery of perishable goods from Turkey and requiring the regulation of a certain temperature is in demand: food products, cut or potted flowers and plants, cosmetic and chemical groups of goods. Actual when transporting especially dangerous goods: poisonous, explosive, flammable or toxic. Advantage: delivery of goods from Turkey to Russia is carried out from a warehouse in the country of the sender to a warehouse in the Russian Federation.
  4. Railway transportation from Turkey is a traditional way