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Logistics companies in today's market are represented by a large selection. Not surprisingly, international freight transport is in high demand today. Many companies in various business areas are developing, trying to go beyond the domestic market, and it is the organization of international transportation that is able to ensure the development of these companies ...

Of course, only if we are talking about prompt, reliable, high-quality international transportation of goods

So, how to choose the best option among the large number of transport companies that carry out international transport?

First, you should decide on your requirements, capabilities, requests. So, if you are interested in international road transport, then it is not necessary to look for a company that is ready to offer its customers all types of international transport - air freight, international road transport, international shipping or international container shipping. It is enough that the selected organization only carries out international road transport.

On the other hand, international transport companies, carrying out all types of transport, also offering additional types of services - transportation of groupage cargo, customs services ( customs declaration, for example), cargo insurance - are more popular today. And it's not even that a customer who was interested in international road transport of goods may suddenly need international rail transport, international air transport or international sea transport >, but in the fact that implementation of international transportation in full speaks of the seriousness of the company, of a responsible approach to business.

Another undoubted advantage of any logistics company is the ability to provide services such as delivery of groupage cargo. Consolidated cargo delivery is perhaps one of the most popular services on the modern logistics market.

The delivery of groupage cargo is in demand when it comes to cargo from Europe, if we are talking about groupage cargo from Turkey and from any other countries .

What is groupage? Consolidated cargo is several types of cargo at once, the transportation of which is ordered by different companies.

What are the advantages of transportation of groupage cargo? First of all, it is worth noting that transportation of consolidated cargo allows the customer company to significantly save on the services of a logistics company. The larger the volume of cargo, the lower the cost of international transportation of goods. In addition, groupage companies provide another advantage - groupage cargo allows companies to transport small consignments.

The delivery of groupage cargo from far-abroad countries — from Turkey, in particular, is especially in demand today. Delivery of groupage consignments in international traffic from Turkey is carried out by many logistics companies, offering the opportunity to transport cargo at a more affordable cost. Another thing is that when contacting small transport companies that carry out transportation from Turkey, you may encounter a certain problem - delivery of groupage cargo specifically for your company from Turkey< /strong> can take a long time. The point here is this. The Transport company can send a groupage cargo only if there is enough product for Turkey-Russia transportation (for example, one container is completely filled). That is, for the implementation of cargo transportation from Turkey groupage cargo, one transport unit must be recruited (and it does not matter whether we are talking about sea transportation groupage cargo from Turkey, international transportation from Turkey by road or, if we are talking about air transport Turkey Russia).

It is clear that large, well-known companies that carry out container transportation from Turkey have a larger number of customers, respectively, groupage cargo for delivery to Russia from Turkey strong> will be typed much faster than if it were a small company that imports goods from Turkey. In the latter case, transportation of goods from Turkey can be significantly delayed, as the company will wait a long time until one transport unit is filled. In this situation, import from Turkey to Russia although it will be beneficial for you from a financial point of view, however, large time costs can cause a lot of inconvenience.

Such a situation develops not only if we are talking about such a phenomenon as export and import of Turkeydelivery of consolidated cargo has the same features in the case of all countries , be it Import from Turkeyor Europe.

In other words, you should look for an option so that the transport company sends groupage cargo not only cheaply, but also quickly. Only in this case, groupage cargo from Europe, Turkey and other countries will allow you to run your business most efficiently.

And the last point that I would like to pay close attention to: it is optimal when cargo transportation (groupage cargo, oversized cargo and so on) is carried out with related services - this is customs clearance, goods insurance and so on. And if almost any logistics company operating in the modern market can offer you goods insurance, then not every transport organization can boast of such a service as customs clearance.

It is clear that, to a greater extent, for companies engaged in export, import of goods, the characteristics of core services are important: whether the transport company sends groupage cargo, whether delivery of oversized cargo in international trafficand so on. It is also important if you are talking about international transportation, transport - this can be freight air transportation, sea transportation, cargo transportation from Turkey, Europe, USA , which can be carried out on various modes of transport ... But, if you want to save yourself from many problems in the future, from the need to solve many problems associated with transportation, it is better to look for companies that in the contract for international transportation also include a clause about customs clearance.

Of course, a customs broker can cope with the task of passing cargo through the customs terminal, while the customs value of the goods will be included in the cost of services customs broker. Moreover, finding a professional, experienced, reliable customs broker on the modern market is not a problem - for example, a large, serious customs broker Moscow, St. Petersburg (and in any other large Russian cities you can find reliable, experienced specialists) will help you solve all problems with customs clearance of cargo.

But you must admit, it’s much calmer if the customs value of the cargo, along with all the costs of delivering the goods to the end point, will fall on the shoulders of one organization - the logistics company, which will be responsible for all stages of cargo transportation, starting from the assembly of cargo and ending with its customs clearance, unloading at the end point.

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