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Company "ProLine - Integrated Logistics System" offers its customers international transportation of oversized cargo - one of the most complex types of logistics services. When it comes to this type of transportation of goods, it is necessary to choose a carrier company very carefully.

Turkey… all Russians who faced the brutal nineties associate this country with the garlic trade. Thermoses with cups are also brought there, back - skin, things. This trading business is a great start for most entrepreneurs. But time passed, the category of buyers and sellers changed, but one thing remained constant - the growth in demand for cargo turnover between Russia and Turkey. But despite the rich trade business of Russians with this country, still oversized cargo transportation from Moscow to Turkey is considered a difficult process for new entrepreneurs. This situation has developed due to the customs legislation of Russia. How to deliver product samples from Turkey to Russia as soon as possible? ProLine has been providing logistics and freight transportation services for a long time, so you can easily send valuable cargo or documents. We offer transportation of cargo of non-standard sizes by any delivery method: by sea, air, by car and by train. Cargo transportation from Turkey is considered one of the main directions of the ProLine company.

In order for the preparation of oversized cargo for transportation to be successful, you need to fully collect all the documents and check them for legal purity. Delivery of oversized items can be carried out by sea and by road. When it comes to sea transportation, delivery of cargo from Turkey is carried out by water to St. Petersburg, after which it is delivered by train or car to the destination.

Oversized cargo transportation to Moscow from Turkey by car is carried out quickly and on clearly defined routes.

If oversized cargo is needed, delivery from Turkey by sea is carried out in containers. Indeed, at the time of delivery by sea from Turkey, there may be a stalemate of goods.

With the help of a container, you can protect your cargo from various scammers and bad weather. Some cargoes may have non-standard dimensions, in which case the delivery of oversized cargo from Turkey by car is required.

The ProLine company makes competent routes, and the cost for all services will be lower than in other companies. Therefore, oversized cargo transportation from Moscow to Turkey through our company is carried out efficiently and inexpensively.

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to define what constitutes oversized cargo.

Oversized cargo, which in its parameters does not meet the standards that are accepted in modern logistics. That is why the implementation of international transportation of oversized cargo is a matter that not every company can do. Here you can not do without special equipment and professionals who are competent in preparing "oversized" (oversized cargo) for transportation.

In addition, speaking about the international transportation of oversized cargo, one cannot fail to note the need to draw up special documentation for the transportation of oversized cargo. Bureaucratic obstacles can take a lot of time if they are dealt with by a person who lacks knowledge in this area!

You want:

  • avoid "paper" problems and save time on the preparation of the necessary documents for the international transportation of oversized cargo
  • be sure that your cargo will be delivered safe and sound to its destination
  • entrust the carrier company with the selection of the best transportation scheme in a particular situation and control over its implementation

In this case, the service of international transportation of oversized cargo from ProLine - Integrated Logistics System is the right option for you.

International transportation of oversized cargo? No problem!

We offer our clients the service of international transportation of oversized cargo, including as part of multimodal transportation by several modes of transport.

You need to transport

  • oversized
  • oversized
  • heavyweight
  • long
  • dangerous goods

We will take care of the delivery of safe and optimally fast international transport of oversized cargo, including:

  • all necessary coordination related to the international transport of oversized cargo
  • rigging
  • cargo insurance
  • customs clearance issues
  • protection of the transported cargo

We have all the technical capabilities and the necessary experience in order to provide our customers with the logistics services at the highest level.

Thanks to my experience, knowledge and international relations, having the ability to choose the right transport for