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Trucking from Turkey to Moscow

ProLine - System of Integrated Logistics main services are: road transport of full loads and road transport of groupage cargo.

The company "ProLine" provides services related to the transportation of goods from Turkey to Moscow. Such an offer will help to deliver the goods using sea, air, rail or road transport.

The most popular direction is cargo transportation by cars. The company provides transportation from the place of loading to the point of unloading.

ProLine employs professional workers, so the delivery of auto cargo consists of the following list of services:

  1. The dispatcher accepts the application, transfers it to the appropriate department.
  2. Logisticians choose a suitable vehicle, develop a special scheme for arranging and securing cargo.
  3. The logistics department also chooses the best route for the vehicle.
  4. If necessary, documents are issued for crossing the border, accompanying the goods. It is possible to obtain permits and certificates for the delivery of special groups of goods.
  5. A driver is assigned and an estimated delivery time is calculated.
  6. A contract is concluded with the client, the date of loading and departure is set.
  7. At the appointed time, the required road freight transport arrives at the loading point, experienced loaders perform loading, referring to the developed plan, and perform fastening.
  8. The driver performs transportation, at the end point of unloading he is met by company employees, unloading is in progress.

Road transportation is carried out only on modern and technically sound vehicles. The company "ProLine" also delivers goods with non-standard dimensions. For this, there are special vehicles, the necessary permits are issued, loading is carried out using special equipment. The company's motor transport allows you to carry out cargo transportation of goods that are considered dangerous or perishable. For this, vehicles of a special type are used.

The advantages of the service "road transportation from Turkey to Moscow" with the company "ProLine":

  1. Professionalism. Each department performs its own type of work, so there is an operational organization of work.
  2. Reliability. Vehicles are in good condition, the risk of breakdowns on the way is minimized.
  3. Rationality. Logisticians develop a loading plan and a transportation route.
  4. Quality. Drivers have extensive experience, so the delivery is carried out on schedule.
  5. Affordable price. A contract is concluded with the client, taking into account all the details, the cost is assigned, which remains unchanged.

The ProLine company carries out cargo transportation Moscow-Turkey-Moscow at a high professional level. This service has a low cost, guarantees the quality and reliability of delivery.