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Sea freight from Turkey to Moscow

Experienced staff of the company "ProLine - Integrated Logistics System" and a large network of agents in ports around the world, offers sea transportation of goods container transportation from all ports of the world.

With subsequent delivery by auto and air transport. We carry out international sea transportation in 20', 40' containers. With small dimensions and light weight of the cargo, we offer shipment in a consolidated sea container, LCL, and also provide our customers with a choice for cargo that does not fill the container completely: from “door to door”; groupage services from port to port.

Main activities: Sea transportation to / from the main ports of Turkey from / to all ports of the world FLC (FULL Container), container transportation from "door to door", transportation of heavy and oversized cargo, transportation between third countries (cross booking) .

Transportation by sea in containers is the most optimal when you need to deliver over long distances with a combination of different modes of transport.

Sea transportation of goods. There is a field of activity that has long become an integral part of the economy and trade. We are talking about international shipping. In various businesses, people strive to reduce the cost of all processes as much as possible. This also applies to this area of ​​activity. The company "ProLine" is engaged in the provision of services in demand on the market at reasonable prices, which are associated with logistics and freight traffic. In particular, this can be carried out by representatives of the company in the most important direction Moscow-Turkey-Moscow. This is carried out by the following modes of transport: rail, air, road and sea.

There is an effective solution for the delivery of goods from different points located all over the planet. We are talking about maritime transport. A very popular destination in this regard is the delivery of everything along the way from the capital of the country to the Turkish Republic and back. This is done by experienced employees of the organization mentioned above. Maritime transport in Turkey provides many advantages. This also applies to our state. This approach on the part of the company makes it possible to carry out transportation by sea vessels of goods that are large in size. They can be transported over considerable distances and in various batches. Despite the fact that these are perishable goods, dangerous, bulk and so on.

Transportation is often carried out using special devices. Such container shipping from Turkey has its own advantages. Let's talk a little about it. Very often, container storage of various cargoes is carried out in ports of unloading, and so on. It is very comfortable. Containers are of various types. With the help of them it is really possible to transport various cargoes. The company thus delivers them "from door to door". Provides special insurance for the transported cargo and much more. At the same time, the necessary documents are processed in the most optimal time. Cargo is delivered by sea with mandatory forwarding support. The specialists of this company track it all the way. Thus, transportation on the route Turkey Moscow and so on is carried out at a very high level. At the same time, delivery times are strictly observed. Sea freight is carried out with a guarantee from this company of the safety of everything. This is ensured at various stages of activity in this direction. Customers can trust the organization in question.